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#butitsnotmylife would like to share the story of Haleigh Hunley. Recently diagnosed with Lupus in January 2014, Haleigh has become a conqueror through her fight with Lupus!

Each Lupie’s (an individual with Lupus) story is different from the other, but yet they are all inspiring in their own way. The #butitsnotmylife team would like to thank Haleigh for sharing her positive mindset for all those fighting autoimmune diseases!

You are awesome! 

“If someone would have asked me what lupus was at the beginning of high school, I’d have no idea. I went my whole life being physically healthy, without any signs proving otherwise. I was a three sport athlete, ranked one of the top in my class. Things in my life where moving fairly smoothly other than not having a clue where I’d end up once senior year was over; that was my biggest stress most of the time. But things started shifting. I never felt rested and all I ever wanted to do was sleep. Getting out of bed each morning to go to school became a struggle and everyone had me convinced it was just senioritis. It wasn’t till winter break when I received my diagnosis based on different blood tests done in the past month. I found out on Jan. 2nd 2014 that I, like many others, was living with an autoimmune disease. Luckily my condition wasn’t anything that couldn’t be suppressed therefore no huge changes needed to be made in my lifestyle. But then, not even a month later, I was hospitalized with DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). That’s when most the changes began. Being on blood thinners not only made playing sports a lot more difficult but meant I’d have weekly checkups. Having to constantly go to the doctors threw my plan for moving to California out the window…. It seemed as if the plans I did have for myself were no longer possible. But, I eventually found new plans and even though I’ve never been great at setting goals for myself, I did that too. I refused to let this overcome me and my life. I refused to let the things I love get pushed aside. And I refuse to let my disease define me, because even though I have Lupus, I refuse to let Lupus have me. Even though I’ll never be able to play soccer again, I began coaching at the high school I went to. I even volunteer with swim and tennis to ensure they’d all keep a place in my life. I continued on with schooling and though I’m still undecided, I’ve narrowed my search. I also have two other seasonal jobs on top of starting up my own business. I may not know where I’m headed in life just yet, but I do know that anything is possible as long as you don’t give yourself excuses. I may be living with lupus… #ButItsNotMyLife because it is just a small part of who I am. Lupus has created the person writing this, however, it does not define me; it has only made me realize what’s truly important in life.”

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