#butitsnotmylife at Alliance for Lupus Research #WalkWithUs

Today the #butitsnotmylife team attended the walk held by the Alliance for Lupus Research. Not only did we attend but our very own Tyresa Sellers gave a phenomenal speech that led the crowd of thousands to declare, “I have Lupus, #butitsnotmylife. She was also part of the ribbon cutting ceremony and led the walk with the JETS drumline (EPIC!).

We were so honored to be there with so many others in support of such a remarkable moment we had to share.

Please be sure to stay tuned with a video of Tyresa Sellers full speech!

 20151017_102957 20151017_090708 2 20151017_103040

20151017_091256 20151017_091212

20151017_084447 (1)

We caught up with Shanelle Gabriel from the #butitsnotmylife Lupus Awareness video!

20151017_084935 20151017_084123


20151017_091540 (1)

Thank you so much for all who attended! The support was enormous!

#butitsnotmylife team


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