#butitsnotmylife Presents: “Sweat the pain away!”

Chronic pain is long lasting, inexplicable, and at times unbearable. It does not go away because there is no proven cure to do so.  Most chronic pain is treated with some form of medication. This medication is intended only to temporarily suppress a specific symptom causing a specific pain, not the disease overall. Some days chronic pain can cause a spoonie to become almost inactive and have no energy to do anything but rest. On these days, spoonies are fighting their hardest to simply make it through the day.

This is the reason we need a cure for Autoimmune Diseases altogether!

Butitsnotmylife has teamed up with Cindy Joy & Anthony Gibson to bring you


sweat the pain away

These two awesome instructors will merge spin & cardio sessions into one like we have never experienced! Be prepared to sweat the pain away, as you push yourself through these sessions in support of Autoimmune Diseases!!

There will be healthy snacks & drinks, raffles, giveaways, and a DJ to get you pumped!!

Register by emailing your full name and phone number to butitsnotmylife@gmail.com

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