September’s NADA Hero: Julie Cerrone

JulieCerroneHeadshotJulie Cerrone is an American Association of Drugless Practitioners Certified Holistic Health Coach, patient empowerer, yoga instructor, speaker and health activist blogger thriving with psoriatic arthritis and avascular necrosis of the femur and has battled melanoma, complex regional pain syndrome, depression and anxiety. Using her personal mantra ‘It’s just a bad day, not a bad life’, she started, which was named one of the top 5 psoriatic arthritis blogs by EveryDay Health and top 7 psoriasis blogs by HealthLine. Staying busy is a way of life for Julie. Some of her accomplishments and activities include: Patient Influencer Network Director for WEGO Health, 2014 Stanford Medicine X ePatient Scholar, mentor and blogger for the National Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis Foundation, member of the Advocacy and Mission Committee for Arthritis Foundation, WEGO Health Best In Show: Twitter in the 2015 Health Activist Awards, excited member of the Intake.Me Patient Advisory Board and Psoriasis Social Media Ambassador for HealthCentral.

Below is a personal anecdote about her journey:

 If you would have asked me 5 years ago what I’d be doing right now, it definitely wouldn’t have included a disability leave, blogging and speaking at medical conferences! Psoriatic arthritis, avascular necrosis, complex regional pain syndrome, melanoma, anxiety, depression – these don’t define me. Life definitely threw a curve ball at me, but honestly, I look at it as the biggest blessings I’ve ever received. I know that may sound silly, but if I hadn’t stopped working, if I hadn’t been forced to spend 3.5 years on crutches and if I hadn’t had struggles with my health – I believe I’d be in a completely different place in life. I used my health challenge to help propel me forward and now I aim to help other patients do the same.


Julie, you are very inspirational and your work is not in vain. Please continue to do what you do and get your rest, because our spoonie community needs individuals like yourself! We are so happy to have you as our Hero!!


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