Dana Trentini is the founder of the thyroid advocacy website HypothyroidMom.com.  Dana launched Hypothyroid Mom on October 1st, 2012, in memory of the unborn baby she lost due to maternal hypothyroidism. She set out on a mission to learn all she could about hypothyroidism and to share her discoveries with people around the globe. HypothyroidMom.com currently has 2,655,754 monthly pageviews with 807,152 monthly unique visitors from 223 countries and regions in the world. The Hypothyroid Mom Facebook page has over ONE MILLION Likes. Her book “Your Healthy Pregnancy with Thyroid Disease: A Guide to Fertility, Pregnancy and Postpartum Wellness” released June 2016 by Da Capo Press/Perseus Books. Dana has also been featured in The Wall Street Journal and The Atlantic.
Thank You Dana for being this month’s NADA Hero!  We appreciate all that you have accomplished over the years! You are our hero!
For more information about Dana and her movement, please visit her website and check out her new book – links below:
Hypothyroid Mom website:
My book’s website:

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