March NADA Hero – Meet Melissa Jan

March is Autoimmune Awareness Month, and in honor of this month we have chosen Melissa Jan as our NADA Hero!!

The SpoonieCult was founded in April 2016 “when a perpetrator accused us of being in a cult because we defended one of our own”. This is why Melissa stands out to us! This is a very brave movement created for spoonies to have a place where they can speak up for themselves and others living with chronic illnesses. Read a personal anecdote from Melissa below.

Never would I have imagined that in my early 30’s, I would find myself on disability leave, fighting the biggest health battle of my life with one of the most controversial diseases on the planet – Lyme Disease. But alas, here I am. Until very recently, Kawasaki Disease aside, I have spent most of my illness years undiagnosed. Then something unbelievable happened – I stumbled across the Spoonie community through social media – people who were no strangers to chronic, rare and often mysterious illnesses. I found myself drawn to the open-minded people who listened to my struggles, accepted me, and ultimately lead me to finding the diagnosis and doctors that I had been seeking for years. No battle is the same, but having people who not only understand each other, but despite their difficulties, are passionate to educate and share their experiences with hopes of helping others, is something very powerful. As SpoonieCult flourishes, my deep hope is that nobody else struggles through a mysterious disease for years alone, like I did. I found my diagnosis 6 months after I wrote SpoonieCult’s first tweet. Everything can be uncovered, proven, and resolved with the power of knowledge, love, and compassion.

SpoonieCult is open to family members, loved ones and the general public interested in learning about chronic illnesses. Click below to gain more information on what SpoonieCult has to offer and on Kawasaki & Lyme Disease.


SpoonieCult’s Website



Melissa’s Personal Twitter

Kawasaki Disease –

Lyme Disease – ~

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