February’s NADA Hero: Meet Jade Miles

In honor of “Healthy Lifestyle Awareness Month”

the NADA Hero Award goes to Jade Miles!


Jade is from London and lives with Lupus. She LOVES food and started a blog called “Raspberries & Brownies”, which is dedicated to sharing her story. Jade gives a lot of tasty & healthy recipes on her blog to help those in need of changing their lifestyle to become healthier as time goes on, and the meals look delightful might we add!

Here is a personal anecdote from Jade and we hope she brings you inspiration as she has for us…

“When I was diagnosed 10 years ago I would never have pictured myself having a blog and an Ā Instagram account where I can speak so openly about my journey with lupus. Life with lupus hasn’t been easy. I’ve been thrown my fair share of curve balls. I spent many years hating who I was/who I was becoming. I’ve battled panic attacks, depression, lack of self love ect … the list goes on but was it worth it? YES!! Lupus has taught me so much and continues to do so. It not only provides lessons but also challenges that I refuse to lose. As ridiculous as it sounds I couldn’t picture what the past 10 years would have been like if I didn’t have Lupus. Yes Lupus Sucks but getting to speak/connect with amazing fellow Lupies or individuals that have an auto immune disease/chronic illness makes this journey worth while.

Jade, we thank you for accepting this award and only hope to see more blessings come your way. Never give up because the spoonie community needs you more than you know!

Here are links to Jade’s Instagram and blog.

Raspberries & Brownies Blog

Raspberries & Brownies Instagram

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